New York City Marathon

No, we did not compete in the Marathon although over 40,000 individuals did participate. 26.2 miles is just a little too far for our feet to travel so instead we photographed the event in full 360!

The area we covered on November 1, 2009 included Central Park South where we found the finish line at just about 64th or 65th inside the Park - of course, we could not get near it. As a matter of fact the runners were protected from the mingling public better than President Barack Obama. We still managed to get some fun and interesting 360 action and crowd shots and a front page feature at, the premier showcase for 360 imaging from events and special places around the world. What a thrill for us - both the Marathon and!

The Aspetuck Land Trust and Evergreen Studios

Documenting natural areas is always a favorite activity for Evergreen Studios. In late 2008 we teamed up with The Aspetuck Land Trust and Fairfield Conservation to capture 360 views of lands which fall under their protective care.

Are we InStyle or what...

WE HAD A GREAT TIME 6 weeks ago visiting and shooting the set for the tv show Gossip Girl in Queens and today’s the day we can finally share it with you all:,,20227278,00.html is a Time, Inc. site devoted to... you guessed it - current styles and trends. It’s always great to see any interactive 360 of the HD flavor go mainstream and we are especially proud of our contribution at

Things are coming along swimmingly....

We guess you could say that! EGS just wrapped up a new project for Fairfield Pool giving their web visitors an inside peek at some of the fabulous pools they have completed for their clients in SW CT. Not only that but a revamped website as well. Our friends at Fairfield Pool can be found at so if you have time dive on over there for a tour of those beautiful pools - they will make you yearn for summer which is just around the corner.

International PGA Merchandise Show

Just back from Orlando Florida where EGStudios has wrapped up shooting an amazing virtual tour of the 2007 PGA Show. Over 30 fullscreen hi-def scenes documenting the goings on at this exciting international trade show inside the enormous Orange County Convention Center: The Harmon brothers, an inside hitting range built just for the show, many exhibits and even a Cosmonaut holding a golf club at the E21 Golf Booth. Florida, of course, is always wonderful in the wintertime for us New Englanders.

J. Russell Jinishian Gallery goes Cutting Edge

One of our esteemed clients, internationally recognized marine art expert and art dealer Russell Jinishian jumps head first into the VR world. Evergreen Studios put together for him four gallery scenes, one a virtual gallery utilizing hotspot technology for a most informative tour experience. Check it out.

EGStudios presents Virtual Scenes with new Lightbox Technology

This is a brand new way to view regular images and now QTVR (Quicktime Virtual Reality) 360º interactive scenes. Very cool stuff indeed. Check out our Fullscreen Gallery for a glimpse of this technology and watch the scene unfold in front of your eyes - you guessed it, we like this a lot.

360º Product Object Movies Announced

Evergreen Studios has added interactive object movie creation to their high tech offerings. Why? Because it's fun and it is an extension of what they already do so well AND it's "Da Thing" to do for the latest and greatest way to see objects three dimensionally on your computer. It's all virtual and it's great.

Evergreen Studios moves forward in 2006

Many happenings for the Studio in 2006 - here are a few notables.
• February took us to Florida and where we photographed the famous
Tallship Bounty - look for their new website with our    scenes soon.
• Discovery Museum Bridgeport holds 2nd Annual
Tech Fest with David Pogue - covered by Evergreen Studios.
• Evergreen unfolds new improved website.
• Our hi-def fullscreen vr scenes are now viewable in 3 awesome players:
Quicktime, Java AND Flash.
• Evergreen Studios shows
First Night New Years VR Scenes at to be viewed internationally with other    scenes from around the world.