Hi-Definition 360º Virtual Tours/Scenes
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Evergreen Studios creates Premium Quality 360º interactive scenes for websites. We specialize in fullscreen scenes which make visiting places online a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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360º Product Object Movies
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We photograph objects which can be interactively viewed all around.
By simply dragging the cursor across the image viewers can rotate the object and see all sides - something you might do if you were holding it in your hands. These movies are often used for viewing apparel, art objects, jewelry and countless other items.

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Our virtual scenes are interactive movies. Using the mouse, viewers can pan and view a full 360º inside your business, your showroom, your gallery or facility with complete control. Visitors get a real sense of being there and this is what makes these movies so powerful.

360 scenes are a valuable web tool for businesses and individuals who want to dynamically portray themselves and their products or place online. Additionally, they help to create and reinforce a strong visual identity - an important component to successful branding.

The Fullscreen VR scenes which we produce are a new breed of 360º viewing. They feature sharp detailed imagery and strong realistic colors that fill your computer screen for the best immersive experience available today.

Smaller window movies are also available and share the same detail, sharpness and quality as the fullscreen movies.

Whatever you may need....
Fullscreen, small or medium sized window, our scenes will add an exciting new dimension to your website.
It's Virtual Reality at its best - for reaching and engaging online visitors while dynamically showcasing a product, a business or any place of interest.


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Panoramic & Standard Size Prints, Internet Imaging

Traditional Print Photography and Imaging for the web.

• Portraits - Personal and Corporate
• Commercial
• Special Events
• Golf Course Photography and
• 360 Panoramic Images
High Resolution Detailed Photographic Imagery for the Web - example

Photos that are high resolution and are zoomable for fine detail viewing. This is a valuable tool over the internet and lends itself to many applications. From beautiful art to industrial machinery - one can view anything, even a scene out of doors, up close, clear and sharp, as you zoom in and scan about the image.

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360º Print - a unique perspective. Click on the image to view interactive version (Quicktime required).


- HD Video
Looking for more ways to promote your business? We can also work with you to bring that vision to a reality through our high resolution 1080p HD video. A tour of your store, events, commercials - whatever you would like. We understand that often times the deciding factor for a customer is just how well you sell yourself. Our creative team can advise you and provide you with finished video for web or dvd that will give you the edge.

- Motion Picture Movie Video with music and/or voice. (click to view example)
By adapting your 360 images to video format we essentially can expand the reach of the images to provide you with another effective way for your business to communicate its message. Use these videos on your website and on freestanding in-store displays or television to maximize your investment.

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Our services include:
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- HD 360: 360º Virtual Tour Scenes in Hi-Definition 
Video and Aerial Photography
Photography - HDR and Gigapixel Imaging
Website Design and Hosting
- Google Business View Photography - please call 203-767-8058 for up to date information.
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Website Design and Hosting 

Micro Sites for Special Events and Individuals
Sites for Small to Medium sized Businesses

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